Xivo Call Center Server Solutions

Unified Communications

Communicate efficiently!

  • Eliminate constraints.
  • Integrate your tools.
  • Stay connected anywhere, anytime.



IP Telephony ®

XiVO offers a wide range of SIP phones, guaranteeing you complete supplier independence. Choose among 40 models to best address your business requirements.


Unified Messaging ®

XiVO can unify your message management, so you can consult all your messages regardless of your location or what terminal you are using. Voicemail, e-mail and fax are fully integrated within a single tool.


Mobility ®

XiVO optimizes accessibility for mobile users via fixed-mobile convergence. Each user can opt to give out only his landline number.


Collaboration ®

XiVO includes a desktop client with a full range of features to promote collaboration, including audio conference bridges and document sharing tools.


Administration and Operation

A system that’s easy to manage!

  • Simple, intuitive tools pay off in time savings and independence.
  • Optimize your system deployments.
  • Manage and control your costs.



Administration interface ®

XiVO gives you an intuitive, easy-to-use and comprehensive web administration interface. It provides full access to system parameters and supervision of principal processes.


Provisioning ®

XiVO features a provisioning server simplifying deployment of SIP phones. All configuration takes place via the XiVO administration interface; a simple provisioning code puts a phone in service.


Cost management ®

Avencall has certified and integrated the NovaTax solution for high-performance telecommunications cost management and traffic analysis, based on the system’s call tickets.


Availability and security ®

XiVO incorporates redundancy mechanisms ensuring superior availability and internal security features that guard against denial of service attacks.