VF560 Product Support

Hion VF560 has a 45-degree slope design so that the whole communication process can be 20130523035422989operated more conveniently. Noise-proof microphone brings you the experience of super clear voice communication.


1.It has super clear voice communication and the microphone (Mic) is noise-proof.

2.The headset can be worn comfortably and durably.

3.The support bracket for the headset is convenient and practical.

4.It is equipped with 30 16-bit incoming number infromating.

5.FSK and DTMF caller info-display can make automatic checking of the caller information.

6.It has the backlight using indication and the backlight lamp flashes for indication at ringing of incoming call.

7.Headset volume adjustment: 2-step toggling adjustment and 2-step soft adjustment.

8.The volume of receiving ring can be adjusted or closed.

9.It has the intelligent communication mute function with the indication lamp.

10.It can be used without external power source.

11.One-year free warranty is guaranteed.