V200H Product Support

Hion V200H is an excellent caller info-display headset telephone which is very useful for 20130523035956908working personnel engaging in busy outside contact such as marketing, purchase-order receiving, consultant rec

1.It has super clear voice communication effect and the microphone is noise-proof.
2.The headset can be worn comfortably and durably.
3.FSK and DTMF caller info-display technology can automatically detect and present the caller information.
4.Soft key sound prevents the harshness and is quite applicable for those dials a lot.
5.It has the intelligent backlight lamp, which flashes for indication of incoming telephone. 6.Both the headset volume and the ring loudness can be adjusted.
7.Music waiting can screen the microphone and play songs.
8.There are 30 16-bit incoming number infromating and 16-bit calling number infromating.
9.It has flash switching subset, redial, dial-back, VIP, IP and save function too.
10.One-year free warranty is guaranteed.