Redundant Power Supply Unit


Dedicated Redundant Power Supply Unit Provides High Availability for IP-PBX

Dedicated Redundant Power Supply Unit Provides High Availability for IP-PBX

Microcomputer-based control system constantly monitors power requirements and supply to hundreds of telephony ports, alerting the system administrator and balancing the load in the event of malfunction

P/N = XR0108

Xorcom’s dedicated redundant power supply (RPS) unit supports up to 16 Astribank telephony interface chassis (up to 512 analog ports). This product complements TwinStar, the only commercially-supported hot failover solution for Asterisk-based PBX.

Xorcom Continues to Build Reliability into VoIP Telephony

The Xorcom dedicated redundant power supply device provides redundant power for up to 16 Astribank telephony interface units via two to four independent internal power units in a microcomputer-based control system. In the event that one of the power units malfunctions, all of the Astribank telephony modules continue to function seamlessly, since the remaining power units regroup to provide the requisite power.

For configurations including the Xorcom XE series IP-PBX additional functionality is supported:

  • In the event of a power unit malfunction, an e-mail alert is dispatched to the system administrator, so that maintenance can be scheduled.
  • It is possible to see the status of the power units housed in the RPS via the XE server’s LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panel.

Internal USB Hubs Available as Extra Benefits in Compact Chassis

P/N XR0106

In addition to the power supply units housed in the 19” 1U rack-mountable product, up to eight internal USB 2.0 hubs with four ports each, for a total of up to 32 USB 2.0 connections, can be included. As a result, the dedicated power supply unit is a perfect complement to TwinStar, the only commercially-supported hot failover system for Asterisk-based PBX, which connects via USB 2.0 to both primary and backup PBX.

Ordering Information

P/N = XR0108 (Basic)

The basic unit includes two internal power supply devices.

P/N = XR0109 (Additional Power Supply)

Up to two additional power supply devices may be installed to a maximum of four.

Calculating # of Required Internal Power Supplies (PS)
Call Center (100% usage) Standard Office (40% usage)
# of Astribanks # of PS # of Astribanks # of PS
up to 4 2 up to 8 2
5-8 3 9-12 3
9-12 4 13-16 4

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