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Xorcom IP PBX Appliances Overview

Xorcom Asterisk Appliance Models

Xorcom’s Asterisk PBX systems come in two series, each suiting a different size and/or type of installation:

XR Series – Standard IP-PBX

For businesses with standard telephony requirements, where telephone traffic is typically at 40% usage, the XR series provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for three sizes of organizations.

XE Series – Enhanced IP-PBX

For businesses whose call volumes are higher than 40%, and/or are running additional applications which mandate a more powerful phone system, and/or have stricter policies about networking and reliability, the XE series is the right choice.

Asterisk Combined with USB2 Architecture

Xorcom harnesses the power of Asterisk open source software to design and produce leading-edge modular and scalable VoIP to PSTN hardware telephony solutions for commercial installations of all sizes. All Xorcom appliances feature easy-to-use, reliable, high-bandwidth and high-density USB 2 technology and support all the main analog and digital telephony interfaces, including FXS, FXO, E1/T1 PRI, E1 R2, T1 CAS and BRI ISDN.

IP-PBX Configuration Based on Your Requirements

Use our product configurator wizard to design the best telephony system to match your requirements.

View load test results for all Xorcom IP-PBX models.

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