Outbound Call Limiting for CompletePBX


Outbound Call Limit for CompletePBX

Outbound Call Limit for CompletePBX

Place Restrictions on Number of Outgoing Calls

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Whether your company makes collections calls, sales calls or telemarketing calls, you may need to place limits on the number of calls made to specific consumers to avoid government fines for harassment.

The Outbound Call Limit dialog allows you to place restrictions on how many times a particular number is called during a certain time period. For example, if you have an outbound route dedicated to international numbers and activate Outbound Call Limiting on that route, the Outbound Call Limiting module would allow only the pre-determined number of calls to be placed to any specific international number during the pre-determined number of days. If the call limit for that number is exceeded any additional calls are blocked and a recording is played advising the initiator that the call is not allowed.

For each call limit you can set the following options:

  • Name is a text used to identify a call limit.
  • Call Limit is the total number of times you want to allow users call a specific number on an outbound route.
  • Date Range indicates how many days constitute the period for limiting the specified number of calls.
  • Recording is the CompletePBX system recording that will be played to the user when s/he tries to call a phone number that has already exceeded the call limit.

Once you have set up a call limit, it needs to be linked to the relevant outbound route.

For more information about how to get the most out of your CompletePBX phone system, download the CompletePBX v.3 Reference Guide.