My PBX Addons

Billing System

Billing System caters for the growing need of billing solutions that can efficiently monitor the calls and maintain record of each call received/transferred by IP-PBX. Billing System can charge and recharge extensions and conduct analysis on the basis of statistics. Both prepaid and postpaid are supported. Flexible rate settings and detailed records make it extremely easy for enterprise to monitor charges, spot misuse, and enhance efficiency. With Billing System, call accounting are just clicks away.

MyPBX Client

MyPBX Client is an application coordinated with MyPBX that connects your PC and IP phones. With MyPBX Client, you can perform various operations including check extension status, manage contacts, voicemails, and CDR of extension, realize click-to-call and call popup, send instant messages between extensions, initiate a conference call, and create a call task, etc.

Hotel Module

MyPBX Hotel Module is designed for inns and hotels. The features include Room Status, Booking, Check In, Check Out, Wakeup Call, Do Not Disturb, Mini Bar, and Billing Report.

Call Recording

Call Recording enables all your inbound and outbound phone calls to be recorded. The system would detect all call conversations and record them automatically. The call recordings would be saved in the folder you specify and stored in a USB device.