FOR630 Product Support

Hion For630 exclusive headset for calling center has high-grade appearance and quality 20130523032358590and can be pulled on comfortably. It has excellent function of noise reduction and is quite clear and quiet for b


1. It provides quite clear speech communication.

2. It has excellent noise-reducing effect and realizes the face-to-face talking effect so that you can experience the sweet voice of the telephone operator virtually.

3. The flat speaking tube shows unique design and high quality and can be rotated in 300 degrees so that you can wear it on the left or right side.

4. The (QD) line can be chosen to protect the interface of the telephone or the clip.

5. The headset clip can be stretched freely so that you can wear it more conveniently.

6. It is equipped with two high-quality ear pads which can keep your headset new and sanitary.

7. Three-year free warranty is provided.