Fax Pro for CompletePBX ®


Fax Pro for CompletePBX

Fax Pro for CompletePBX provides inbound/outbound faxing from user’s desktop

The Fax Pro module eliminates the need for stand-alone fax machines by providing the option to send PDF or TIF files to fax numbers over the Internet – right from the user’s desktop.

P/N = LC0034

The Fax Pro module adds important functionality to the standard inbound fax capabilities included in every CompletePBX model. With Fax Pro, outbound faxing is done via a Web interface integrated in the CompletePBX system, and is available to every user for whom an extension has been defined. Simply type in a fax number and upload a PDF or TIF file. Optionally, outgoing faxes can use a locally stored fax coversheet, which supports inclusion of a personal message.

Fax Pro Features

  • Creates outbound faxes from PDF or TIF files
  • Provides simple Web interface from “My Extension” to manage both inbound and outbound faxes
  • Stores all inbound and outbound faxes on the server for easy viewing and archiving
  • Supports creation of a company-wide fax coversheet that permits easy customization by each user

For more information about how to get the most out of your CompletePBX phone system, download the CompletePBX v.3 Reference Guide.