DT40 Product Support

Specialized telephone for call center use, classical design, noise canceling headset, 20130524032217404widescreen LCD display


1. With noise canceling headset FOR630.

2. FSK & DTMF caller ID display,auto detecting. 16 bit LCD display, brightness adjustable.

3. One button redial/call back.

4. Communication can be switched among headset,handset and handfree speaker, with lamp indication and volume control.

5. Ringing tone volume control.

6. Auto/Manual answering optional.

7. Answered/Missed call number search.

8. Microphone mute button.

9. Waiting music.

10. Flash time 100/120/180/300/600/1000ms optional.

11. 24 groups 16 bit incoming number and 7 groups 16 bit outgoing number search.

12. 1 bit PABX code for virtual net, 5 bit area code, incoming number filtering.

13. 32 bit pre-dial number and error correction, support incoming/outgoing number search.