Digium Quality Guarantee

Digium ESP Risk-Free Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Under the Exceptional Satisfaction Program (ESP) risk-free, Digium Quality Guarantee, Digium® will refund the purchase price of any qualifying telephony card, Switchvox appliance, Asterisk Add-on, Digium Phone, Gateway, or R-Series to any customers who are not 100% satisfied that the Digium product(s) they purchased performed as designed.

To qualify for the Digium Quality Guarantee, the customer must

  • Register the product.
  • Contact Digium Tech Support within 30 days of purchase.
  • Allow a minimum of five business days to resolve trouble.
  • Provide the original invoice for the purchase.
  • Use the product in an application that is not outside of the stated product functionality.
  • Use a Digium supported version of Asterisk® or AsteriskNOWâ„¢ (3rd party Asterisk distributions do not apply).
  • Disclose server details (model, revision, Linux® distribution, etc.).
  • Provide Digium Tech Support remote access to your server via an ssh connection.
  • Cooperate with reasonable testing to show symptom(s) and/or test a provided solution.
  • Update versions of software and/or drivers to the latest versions (refusal to upgrade will automatically eliminate eligibility in the ESP program).
  • Any product approved for return must be in like new condition and in original packaging (products that are damaged or not in original packaging will not qualify for the ESP program).

For a complete list of the products covered under the Digium Quality Guarantee, please see theExceptional Satisfaction Program FAQ.