Customer Xperience

Intelligent Call Response IVR solution with SMS.

Interactive Voice provides automated response service capabilities by enabling customers to use the keys on a touch-tone phone to access information, such as bank account balances, flight arrival and departure times, and package delivery status. This capability is provided by using a pre-recorded human voice stored on a computer hard drive, or by using text-to-speech technologies. These pre-recorded options are accessed via customizable touch-tone dialing (DTMF) phone menus. Some systems offer a self-service option that includes an unlimited number of phone menu options such as playing a message, routing an interaction to a queue, sending a fax, opening a sub-menu, and other features.

Voice Calls or Voice SMS has the power to communicate with the customer by calling their Mobile or Lad Lines with a Pre Recorded message. Voice Calls are completely automated process. There is no operator needed to process the call. Once you have setup the system with your Pre Recorded message, contact list, time and date through our user friendly online control panel then our system will start calling the recipients and plays your pre-recorded voice message automatically.It’s widely used for marketing campaign, lead generation, event notification, social awareness, service reminder, meeting alert and many more purpose.