CompletePBX Overview ®

Looking for a flexible, modular and affordable communications solution for your business? You found it! 
CompletePBX is a comprehensive VoIP telephony system based on an open-source platform — with no per user license fees!


All of the following features arestandard in CompletePBX:

Simple Management

  • desktop call management
  • visual voicemail
  • browser-based administration

Efficient Communications

  • smart phone integration
  • unified messaging
  • presence management
  • conference bridges
  • video calling
  • outbound fax (optional)


Inbound Call Center / Customer Service Aids

  • call recording
  • graphical call reporting
  • integrated chat
  • unlimited auto attendants

…and much more!

CompletePBX increases your company’s efficiency, productivity and profits. It is a reliable, flexible, cost-effective communications solution that provides a customized user experience for each role in the organization.
CompletePBX means seamless integration
  • Reduce upgrade costs by using existing IP telephones or SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) clients.
  • Easily integrate third party products via the open application programmable interface.

CompletePBX is based on open-source software

  • The only commercially-supported open PBX that provides root access to certified dealers and end users for total local control of the telephony system.
  • Never get stuck with an outdated system; as part of the service package Xorcom is the sole source for support, maintenance, and upgrades.
  • An embedded operator panel, which can be used by a receptionist or for call center applications, is standard.
  • Enhanced CDR (Call Detailed Records) and call center reporting software is available at a flat rate.

CompletePBX supports the TwinStarâ„¢ hot failover solution

  • Xorcom’s TwinStar is the world’s most cost-effective full redundancy solution for IP PBXs, ensuring maximum business continuity.

All CompletePBX systems come with a wide array of standard features including:

  • Unlimited Extensions, Voicemail Boxes, Hunt Groups, Call Center Groups, Auto Attendants/IVRs
  • Voicemail and Fax-to-email
  • Call Recording
  • Call Barge and Whisper
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Softphone Integration
  • Smart Phone Integration

Choosing the Right CompletePBX Model for Your Organization

CompletePBX is available in various configurations, depending on the size, connectivity and communications requirements of your organization.


CXR Series – Standard Business Telephony


CXE Series – Enhanced Business Telephony

For businesses with standard telephony requirements, where telephone traffic is typically at 40% usage, the CXR series provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for three sizes of organizations. For businesses whose call volumes are higher than 40%, and/or are running additional applications which mandate a more powerful phone system, and/or have stricter policies about networking and reliability, the CXE series is the right choice. Especially relevant for inbound call centers, the CXE series supports an enhanced switchboard with unlimited buttons, instant messaging and voice mail explorer.
  • Small business telephony system –
    CXR1000 supports up to 30 users
  • Business telephony system - 
     supports up to 200 users
  • Enterprise telephony system - 
     supports up to 1,000 users
  • Enhanced business telephony system –
    CXE2000 supports up to 200 users (25 concurrent call center agents)
  • Enhanced enterprise telephony system –
    CXE3000 supports up to 1,000 users (100 concurrent call center agents)
  • Enhanced heavy-duty telephony system –
    CXE4000 supports up to 1,500 users (160 concurrent call center agents)

TwinStar Server Redundancy

Two special configurations, optimized for automatic failover of entire the entire telephony system and based on the CXE series, are available:

  • CTS2000 – supports up to 200 users
  • CTS3000 – supports up to 1,000 users
  • CTS4000 – supports up to 1,500 users