Yealink Certified Reseller

Yealink Company Information

The industry’s leading provider of VoIP phone and IP communication solutions.

Companies choose Yealink to ensure that when their workforces are widely-dispersed geographically they can still communicate clearly and productively over long distances. Yealink makes sure that people are able to connect and co-operate easily from their desktops, classrooms, meetings, conferences and mobile devices. A wide variety of public and private-sector industries rely upon us to provide standard-based solutions that:

* Deliver a fast return on investments from teams that are in instant person-to-person contact wherever they happen to be
* Cut the time, costs, and carbon emissions associated with bringing together the right people to solve key problems
* Save businesses valuable resources, energy and unproductive journey times in today’s busy economy. Yealink makes good business sense.

Executive Team

Meet our executive leaders, an inspirational team who embody Yealink’s core values and demonstrate an unrivaled spirit of co-operation and enterprise.

R&D Strength

Yealink has a large and rapidly expanding VoIP R&D team. They combine the experience, vision and professional qualifications needed to create a continuous series of innovative designs and breakthroughs that allow Yealink to set new standards in the demanding communication industry. The company is now a recognized international pace-setter in research and product development.

Worldwide Recognition

For more than a decade, Yealink and its products have featured prominently in numerous international events organized by major business organizations and respected publications. We believe in actively supporting our industry wherever we can.

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