Call Recording

Call Center Recording with QM and Reporting

Voice and Data Recording — Provides customer interaction recording for quality assurance, compliance, sales verification, and data-mining purposes in contact center, IP Telephony, and back office environments. You can reliably record 100 percent of transactions across multiple sites, set business rules and record only transactions of interest, or record transactions at random or on demand. All data is stored in a single, unified database for easy, efficient retrieval and information-sharing across your organization.

Forecasting — Provides a variety of methods for selecting, combining, and refining historical data for forecasting future call volume and handle time across queues. You can set profiles to model call behavior for different types of events and circumstances, and work out complex “what if” scenarios.

Scheduling — Automates scheduling using powerful algorithms that take business processes and employee proficiencies and preferences into account. You can easily deploy the right number of agents, with the right skill sets, at the right time.

Adherence Monitoring — Displays a real-time view of every activity across all channels in your contact center, including those in the front- and back-office, so you can see how your employees are performing. Alerts notify you when they are out of adherence, while exception management and centralized tracking streamline
work processes.

KPIs and Scorecards — Includes predefined key performance indicators (KPIs), along with role-appropriate scorecards that show contact center staff how they’re performing against their goals. This visibility into performance can motivate your staff to improve, while enabling managers to focus their efforts on problem areas.

Contact Visualization — Uses an innovative color-coding system to graphically depict trends in contact volume. Each call is color-coded based on contact attributes, enabling you to easily spot those that exhibit particular characteristics, such as sales or complaint calls.

Centralized Administration and Reporting—Provides centralized administration and reporting, even across multiple sites. By streamlining these often time-consuming procedures, you can make better decisions, faster — and implement them right away.

Contact Interaction Editing — Allows you to create e-learning content from your captured customer interactions. You can develop a customized piece of learning in just a few minutes and a high-quality, interactive learning clip in only a few hours.

Lesson Management — Enables supervisors to select the appropriate training sessions from a library of courseware—or create sessions themselves. By assigning material (which is delivered via the Web directly to the agent desktop), they can then monitor completion and performance. It’s an efficient, consistent way to handle training across your entire contact center.

Optional, Add-on Functions –Addresses specific customer service issues and includes shift bidding, strategic planning, competency-based learning, custom KPI scorecards, application analysis, and more.

Professional Services—Includes the most extensive set of services in the industry, delivered by seasoned consultants who have a holistic view of customer service performance and years of experience with companies of all sizes, types, and industries from around the globe. From implementation to consulting to technical support and training services, Witness Systems’ services are delivered by professionals who understand business practices and contact center operations—and care about your success.