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Cost effective, open licensed  IP Telephony Solutions. Native IVR, CTI, ACD, Database Integration, VoiceMail, Conference Switch, Least Cost Routing, Follow-me.


IP Contact/Call Center solutions with integrated webCRM.  No per user, per location licenses. PABX agnostic Call Center software.


We Build your telecommunications infrastructure on asterisk platform. with long experience of deploying telecom solutions for fortune 500 companies.


Enquiry Management System for Real Estate Segment . Our platform is capable of handling multiple real estate projects, Integrated with Mobile Applications and SMS.


Hospitality IP PBX solution with built-in Call Accounting Software. Integrated with leading PMS applications like Micros Opera, Protel, Newhotel, Amadeus Hospitality.


Call Center technology that capitalizes on skills management. with VIP priority, Queue priority and Call-back. Caller can run self driven voice menus.


Call Center voice recording software for quality analysis, training purpose and legal compliance. CIS Call recording solutions are PBX agnostic.


We distribute world’s leading Telecom brands like Xorcom, Yealink, Digium, Polycom, Matrix, Atcom, openBOX, Grandstream.


Our consultants are certified trainers in telecom solutions.  We do have great hands-on teleocm project experience. It’s the hard earned skill we teach you.!


We build a masala mix of open source technologies and make it UC for you. built around asterisk, Zimbra, Hylafax, openfire,  and DIMDIM.


GSM Gateways integrated with SIP/Asterisk  sservers, will provide Low calling  GSM networks. Also used to serve remote business locations.


Multi-Site Video Conferencing solutions. Supports Zero cost video soft phones, hard IP video phones,  Room Video Systems, With Web management.


Predictive dialer solution processes millions of automatic calls a day. Supports remote agents, web based agent portal, with call popup CRM.


Telecom billing solutions for enterprise  VOIP/PSTN telephony infrastructure. billing solutions for Xorcom, Cisco, Avaya, and Nortel PBXes.


With the integration of TTS and Asterisk  we build intelligent call routing scenarios, transforming a Call center to self-care social voice CRM.

About Keve Info Systems

Keve Info Systems (Keve Infosys International) is a technology research & development in the field telecommunication and customer interaction techniques.

We can help you with a solution, If it is about customer interaction and the business process automation.

About Us


Keve Info Systems (Keve Infosys), is a technology solutions provider/integrator with enthusiastic leadership and many 10’s of years of experience in Telecommunication, Converged (Data, Voice and Video) Networking and Customer Interaction Solutions. We have satisfied many Small and Middle Enterprises for their  technology requirements  around the  world.

We provide solutions, services, technology and consultancy support to turnkey IT/Telecom/Business Process projects. Keve Infosys is committed to deliver redefining communication/interaction solutions cost effectively and openly, without a vendor lock-in. Our passion and persistence in research of new open source technologies resulted in professional and specialized Customer Interaction and Open source solutions.


Keve Infosys is very well known among our clients for its requirement study and solution design capabilities. We enjoy 95% of returning customers, and that is something we are really proud of. Let us share a secret here as well. 99% of our returning customers qualify us for next deal without a bid process, direct order in a professional manner.!  its the trust we carry as responsibility.

At the heart of Keve Infosys, it is the thinking process that sets us apart, we think in your shoes !