XV0500 – Stand-Alone Video Conferencing

Cost-Effective Voice and Video Conferencing for Every Telephone User in the Enterprise

Stand-alone video conferencing appliance compatible with any SIP-enabled IP-PBX

xv0500-standalone (1)Today most businesses recognize the advantages of video conferencing, but many do not implement such systems due to their high price tag. In contrast to other video conferencing solutions currently in the market, the Xorcom XV0500 MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) enables organizations to conduct high quality multi-point video conferencing at an affordable price.

The solution supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signaling to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of endpoints, including the leading IP-based video phones as well as soft phones, significantly reducing the total cost of the solution.

Key Features of the XV0500 MCU

  • High Definition (HD) Voice and Video – Supports resolutions of up to 720p and Wideband HD Voice for unmatched voice quality bridge and density.
  • Unmatched Price and Value – Organizations that do not have video and voice conferencing solutions cannot afford not to have it!
  • Simple Solution – Built to be installed and up and running within minutes in any IP network environment, using simple Web management
  • Seamless Interoperability – Built on a field-hardened media processing foundation; provides standard-based SIP protocol to connect different devices
  • Smooth Transcoding – Transcoding and transrating between different endpoints with unmatched media quality
  • Intuitive Web Management – Provides full control to all levels of users, from IT managers to any user in the organization
  • Supported by TwinStar Redundancy – Functions seamlessly in Xorcom’s high availability environment wherein an automated process ensures that a backup server continues to handle all telephony, including video, if the primary server fails. Read more about TwinStar here…

XV0500 MCU Product Specification Highlights

Standards-based Signaling/Coding

Able to connect different devices, from room systems to desktop video phones, to video clients running on smart phones or tablets. Transcodes the video conference providing the best available video conference quality to every participant.

Signaling – SIP RFC Compliancy

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), according to the following RFCs: RFC3261, RFC4566, RFC2976, RFC3262, RFC3263, RFC3264, RFC4317, RFC3581, RFC3966, RFC4028, RFC2833, RFC3550, RFC3551, RFC 3951, RFC3952

Conferencing Types

Support for both voice-only bridge or video and voice conferencing capabilities

Voice Codecs

G711a, G711u, G729, G722.1, G723, iLBC

Video Codecs

MPEG4, H263, H264

Video Resolution

QCIF, CIF, VGA, 4CIF and HD (720p)

Great Performance for SMB*

  • Normal Conference Room (CIF)
    • 1 conference room instance with 15 participants/12 viewable, or
    • 2 simultaneous conference rooms with 15 participants/6 viewable
  • High Conference Room (VGA)
    • 1 conference room instance with 15 participants/10 viewable
  • HD Conference Room (720p)
    • 1 conference room instance with 15 participants/5 viewable
  • Voice-only Conference
    • Up to 12 simultaneous conference rooms with 30 participants per room

Transmitted Bandwidth from MCU

  • HD Participant: 2 Mbps HD (1280X720) 15 FPS
  • VGA Participant: 1.2 Mbps VGA (640X480) 30 FPS (High Conference) / 15 FPS (HD Conference)
  • CIF Participant: 320Kbps CIF (352X288) 24 FPS

Minimum Bandwidth to MCU

The minimum required bandwidth from connecting endpoints is as follows:

  • HD Participant: 1.2 Mbps VGA (640×480)
  • VGA Participant: 320 Kbps VGA (640×480)
  • CIF Participant: 320 Kbps CIF (352×288)

NAT/PAT Traversal Capabilities

Network and Port Address Translation capabilities for firewall traversals

Web Management

Built-in simple Web management software allows users to configure the system, provision conferences, and monitor and control conferences in real time.

Role-based Management

Password-protected administration access for platform administration and conference management. Different roles are supported for platform management and conference management.

Multiple Language Support

The built-in Web-based localization tool enables easy addition of new languages and translation of any text field from English to any language (includes right-to-left language support).

Configurable Meeting Rooms

A conference meeting room can be provisioned at any time, and used at any time. The conference rooms can be configured as voiceonly or voice and video conference rooms.

Multiple Access Numbers

Supports multiple access numbers, which can be registered in a SIP network as an endpoint or SIP trunk.

VIP Participants

Participants may be recognized by the system and automatically connected to a predefined bridge; useful when connecting multiple conference rooms to a preset configuration.

Leader-based Moderation

Conference rooms can be moderated by a leader or set as unmanaged, to be used as needed. Dashboard enables the moderator to do the following:

  • Set the dominant speaker
  • View participant media information
  • Mute/Unmute Voice
  • Mute/Unmute Video
  • Disconnect a participant
  • Mute/Unmute all participants
  • Invite multiple participants (Dial Out)
  • Change the default layout to Equal or Dominant-based layout

Dynamic Video Layouts

As video participants join/leave the conference, the layouts automatically adjust to provide the optimal coverage of all viewable participants.

Energetic Voice Detection – Dominant-Based Layout

Participant placement within the dominant speaker layout is updated based on continual measurement of all active voice participants resulting in the determination of the top five active (energetic) participants within a conference.

Real-time Statistics

Real-time video and audio statistics per conference or per participant and total incoming and outgoing bandwidth usage is displayed in the leader dashboard.

SIP Desktop Sharing

Proprietary SIP desktop sharing mechanism (check below for current list of compatible endpoints)

Endpoint Interoperability

Interoperability testing has been performed with a variety of endpoints:

PC-Based Clients

  • Linphone
  • Lifesize
  • Bria
  • X-Lite
  • Polycom
  • 3CX

Smartphones & Tablets

iOS & Android 

  • Vimphone
  • Vippie (requires registration)
  • Polycom (no NAT support)

Desktop Video Phones

SIP Clients

  • Grandstream (GXV3175)
  • Yealink (VP530)
  • snom (snom300-SIP)
  • Fanvil (D800 + SE780)
  • LG Ericsson IPECS (LIP8050)

Room System End Points

  • Aver (HVC310 + HVC130) – supports desktop sharing
  • Panasonic (KX-VC300)

Voice-only Devices

* Performance may improve or degrade depending on endpoint capabilities.